Science topics, social networks, and business contacts all in one place: Personal Chain Reaction

Fluoresentric’s team of scientists are all on some sort of social network..there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now also Scribd, and although these are terrific places to share pictures, or comment about the day’s activities.  When it comes to biology news, or DNA news item, or even just some basic science articles..often those other business networks and personal social networks don’t seem like the right place to post your thoughts or have a discussion..that is why we created Personal Chain Reaction, a science social network for molecular scientists. Don’t read that my opinion..just about everything science is either an atom or a join us if you do science.

Oh, I know, it is so tremendously geeky to even try to draw the PCR component into everyday socializing..but, that is what we at Fluoresentric spend our days doing, and we know there are others out there doing the same.  We all  just need a place to talk about those science articles that really excite us.  It seemed that a specific biology blog, or chemistry blog, a physics blog, or even biotech and biopharma blogs just wouldn’t have the reach that is necessary to create that networking chain reaction that ensures people are online to share in your research excitement or debate you about some new biology news report, quantum physics discovery, or even an archeological discovery.

On the Personal Chain Reaction network, you can post your own articles for all to see and read, or search our classified ads for those special lab items you have been hunting for. You can just post to your friends or shout your science news to the world from atop our message feed system.

Also, one last little feature, that you won’t find on Facebook or Twitter, I thought hey we have these nice discounts arranged with several vendors and we are passing those discounts on to your our molecular science friends.  Go ahead, check out our links to many great DIY biology,  DIY chemistry, DIY Physics, and just about any bio-hacker, chem-hacker product you need.