Veterinarian Clinic Ready Test for Kennel Cough

It’s a near daily occurrence, some dog is brought to a kennel and boarded there for a few hours or days.

You’ve probably done it yourself, dropped off your dog on your way out of town.  Sure most kennels insist on having your dog’s vaccination records.  That they do is terrific news for all you pet owners out there; however, wouldn’t it be terrific if a simple diagnostic test for bordetella brochiseptica, or kennel cough, were readily available right there on site at the kennel?

Signal Diagnostics has developed just such a test it is a molecular diagnostic disease test that takes only a few minutes to prepare a sample from your pet, and with just a few pieces of laboratory equipment, those found in most veterinary clinics, your pet can be easily tested for bordetella.

Think of it, you drop off your pet and when you pick it up you know that your companion hasn’t been hanging around with other animals that may be passing on a potentially deadly bacterial infection.  All that with a simple, easy-to-use, and on-site test.  Ask your veterinarian or boarding shelter next time you drop off your pet if they have this test available to ensure your pet’;s safety and health.