10x Real-time PCR buffer..everyone’s got one, ours is better.

More than 10 years ago, Fluoresentric developed a new 10x real-time PCR buffer that at the time was simply an inexpensive way for our lab to do it’s own research and development work.

Over these past 10 years of being in the real-time PCR assay development business and having worked on projects from quantitiative PCR, to genotyping, and from 1-step reverse transcription PCR to self-contained sample preparation and amplification instruments with freeze dried reaction mixes we have found that our very simple buffer system works well, if not superior, for just about any reaction that we have tested it against.

Now, for less than four (4) cents a reaction you can have our buffer in your reaction.  When you order the buffer it comes with MgCl2 to enable full optimization of your reaction.  We will even pre-formulate our buffer into larger bulk sizes with the necessary MgCl2 concentration.  This may seem unimportant, at first, but for those of you PCR scientists out there that want to be able to add the maximum sample volume possible, every microliter does count and we would be happy to give you those extra microliters of sample volume you so desperately need for some of your high value tests.

Check it out online at store.fluoresentric.com, and don’t be shy if you have any questions we are always happy to help you plan your reactions and buffer transition strategies.